Posted by: Lea | March 2, 2010

Soccer Mom!

Well, it is here again…soccer season. Back to an hour and half social gatherings…er, soccer practice every Tuesday night. Back to the parental drama. Back to having my Saturdays scheduled for me weeks in advance. I have to say, that I love that my daughter is well-rounded. I really do. But soccer season brings with it a messy car (dirty cleats, soccer balls, lawn chairs, etc), a kid gone wild (my 3-year old son), and bugs (bees, mosquitos).

But it also brings my daughter back to her friends. It brings her back to exercise and fun and maybe this year, to her 1st soccer goal! Nothing beats watching her on a cool Saturday morning playing defense and helping her team to a win. It’s great to see the girls grow together and work together to win the game. But the really great part is when they don’t win. Not that we don’t want to see them win, but at 7 and 8 years old, the girls don’t care. Half the time, Riley didn’t know if her team won or not. All that mattered was she had fun. And quite frankly, at this age, that’s the way it should be.

So with all the negatives soccer season brings, it brings with it many more positives, too. I am thankful that soccer is still fun for her and not a job or a burden. So many times our kids get over-scheduled and burned out. She loves the game. And that’s fine by me!



  1. Hope Riley has a great soccer season!

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