Posted by: Lea | March 4, 2010

No More Cookies!

As many of my friends and family know, this past year, I was “voluntold” that I was going to be my daughter’s Brownie Troop Leader. Knowing how hard it had been to get my daughter in a troop (2 years with no success), I decided to step up and say “I’ll do it!)”. Silly me.

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE my troop. I have a few um…challenging girls. But they are all curious, generous, and sweet little 7 and 8-year olds. They are very excitable, and they all love to be together.

This past January 1 began my two months of living hell. This was in the form of Girl Scout Cookies. I had been told to make sure that I DID NOT get stuck with being the Troop Cookie Manager as it’s a lot of hard work. So I was thrilled when I had a mother say she would do it. She took the orders, she entered them into the system, and I thought things were good until…the day before the 1100 boxes of cookies arrived, she asks me if I can keep all of the cookies at my house because her dogs would eat them. Me being the person who can’t say no, said SURE! As the weeks went on, I realized that I had become the Troop Cookie Mom. I was the one issuing the cookies, taking additional group orders, organizing a majority of the cookie booths and collecting the money. My TCM was good at helping, and I’m glad I had her, but I was simply sick of cookies by the end of the sale!

This past March 1st was the day that all of the final paperwork was due. After dealing with a parent who still owes $616 and turning her over to our Girl Scout council, I received the e-mail that I had long been waiting for: OUR PAPERWORK WAS ACCURATE AND COMPLETE! No more cookies! So while many people love hearing the words “Girl Scout Cookies”, those are 3 BAAAAD words to me! I’m sure I’ll be alright by next cookie sale, but right now, I’m ready to kick back with a tall drink and enjoy….anything but cookies!


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