Posted by: Lea | April 19, 2010

My First Bump in the Training Road

Well, it was inevitable! My first bump in my 5K training road! The Couch 2 5K program has you running 3 days a week, and I only ran twice this week. My schedule this week has been crazy, and I was out of town for 2 days. So…I am completing my Day 3 tomorrow, and then pushing on from there!

Day 2 was much easier than Day 1 so I’m hoping that tomorrow will be even easier. I’m also off this week to get a new pair of running shoes!

The plans are coming together. I have my Disney resort reservations at Old Key West. We made our flight reservations (and got a great price and great times on Southwest Airlines). We are registered for the race (it’s non-refundable so no going back now). And last but not least, some great friends and I are starting our dining plans. Did I mention the shirt? We are also putting together a shirt for all of us Disney Tweeps to wear!

Now, to get back in the saddle for Day 3! One more day of the easy run, then it bumps up! 164 days to go!


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