Posted by: Lea | April 19, 2010

The Joy of Jack

I must confess that I was not sure what to expect when my obstetrician told me I was having a boy way back in February of 2006. I wasn’t raised with brothers, and I already  had a daughter, Riley, who was 3 1/2 at the time. As the pregnancy went on, I realized that they really DID make cute boys clothes, and I had a blast getting his little blue airplane and puppies nursery ready (my husband is a pilot, and dogs are just plain cute).

Then Jack came into my life 11 days early on June 21, 2006. I didn’t know what hit me. When Riley was born, I asked “is this her” when I first got to hold her (I blame the epidural because she looks exactly like me), something my husband still makes fun of me about 8 years later. With Jack, there was no doubt he was ours. He had the Robinson chin and my red hair. The labor with Jack compared to Riley was a breeze, something I compare to their personalities 4 years later.

Over the past 4 years, Jack went through some health scares which brought me even closer to him. I sat through many doctor’s appointments and tests over these years, all to prove there was nothing wrong with my beautiful little boy. Although at almost 4 years old, he doesn’t even weigh 30 pounds!

I simply can not explain the joy Jack brings to my life on a daily basis. He is a little entertainer and has perfect manners (his 2nd word was “Thank You”). He aims to please and wants to make sure that you are always happy with him. He loves Super Heroes and Buzz Lightyear, and he shares my obsession with Disney! He is a little spitfire with a zest for life that I wish I could bottle and sell. I look at Jack after a bad day, and the sour mood just disappears. He is my angel, and I now know exactly what to expect with my little boy- a lifetime of smiles.


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