Posted by: Lea | May 13, 2010

The Craziness of Birthday Week!

It’s the time of year that I look forward to and dread at the same time every year- birthday party time! My kids’ birthdays are one month apart so we spend a few months each year thinking about what we’re going to do, where we’re going to have the party, what the theme will be, who to invite, what gifts we’ll get the birthday kid, etc.

Riley's turning 8!

This week starts birthday month! Riley turns 8 on May 18th, and her party is this Saturday. We always begin her party preparation by deciding where we want to have it. Every year, we go through a long list of places (I have banned my house because I don’t want that many kids here at one time…and with cake. I shudder). We always decide on one or two places, and then we begin working on the list. Inevitably, she wants to invite all of the kids in her class, all the kids in her Brownie troop, kids from soccer, etc. So the invite list winds up at about 30+. And of course, the places she wants to have her party charge $15 per kid. So um, no. Each year, for the past 4 years, we have wound up back at Pump it Up, where she can have 25 kids. So all the thought and research takes us back to where we left off last year!

Now, it’s the what theme do we have? What kind of cake do we want? I’m sure I waaaay overthink this, but I’m a planner. It’s genetic, and I can’t help it. This year, we have decided on a peace sign birthday. Cake was easy. Party favors? Not so much. Thank goodness for e-bay.

Now the week is here! My in-laws make the trip here from Oklahoma every year for the kids’ birthdays. So of course, this week is full of cleaning. All of the toys, the papers, the junk that normally that are around us normally have to be picked up and put in their proper places! This year, I also took on the task of cleaning out the playroom. So we had to finish that and get all those bags of toys and other things out! They arrive today. House is almost done! Last night, I frantically stuffed the party bags because I know today will start the craziness!

Once the party is done on Saturday, and all the presents are opened, thank you notes written and more, we start the

Jack's turning 4!

 final preparation for Jack’s 4th birthday party in June. He decided a long time ago that he wants his birthday party at Pump it Up, too, just like his sister so that was easy. Now deciding on a character for the cake was not so easy. He has decided he wants 5 birthdays and 5 cakes so he can have all of the characters that he wants- Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and an all Superhero cake. We have gotten him down to 1- Buzz Lightyear (a nod to how my Disney passion has impacted my 3-year old, too! The next month will take me down the same road as the past month- shopping, cleaning, writing invitations, chasing down RSVPs and more.

Each year I swear that I’m not going to do it as detailed again. But yet, each year I do. Why? Because I love those kiddos!!


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