Posted by: Lea | May 14, 2010

Another Disney trip? Can I do it??

So, I’m in the middle of planning my upcoming trip to Walt Disney World for my husband and I for October when I came up with an idea. (In case you didn’t know, he and I will be running the 5K race through the Magic Kingdom on October 2nd.)  This idea came to my via the announcement of Disney Free Dining. “It’s such a great deal”, I thought, “Why not try to make it down to Disney for a long weekend in August before Riley goes back to school?” ! So I began researching prices and trying to figure out a way to ask my husband if I can go to Disney World yet AGAIN!

Turns out, it’s cheaper if I go room only with travel agent rate. I looked up airfare, priced out park tickets (am so getting Annual Passes next year) and looked at both value and moderate resorts. Now for the hard part…to ask my husband. Now, I must say, my husband has been extremely supportive of my Disney, um how should I say it, obsession. He allows me to display my Vinylmations, my Mickey Mouse, my pictures and more. But I didn’t think he would be crazy about me wanting to head over to the Sunshine State again. So I brought it up. Carefully. And he didn’t say no. He didn’t say yes. But he didn’t say no. Now, he did say that he can’t go. So I thought, maybe me and the kids?

So now, I am doing the planning and budgeting once again. Can I do it? I really want to be able to surprise the kids by waking them up and saying “Let’s go to Disney World!”.  They’ve been asking quite a bit if they can go to Disney. Jack asks me almost daily. I want to be able to get him there again while he is still little and while he believes in all of it. I brought it up to my mom, and she may even go if I can make it work!

I want to be able to meet Jen (@dizneydreamer) and Mike (@sparegeek) and their son.  I want to introduce my little ones to Rora, Maria and Amanda (@roraboriealice, @heavensent30 and @amandatinney).  And I just want to make it back “home”.

So, now comes the budgeting. Can I do it? Can I make arrangements with work? Let’s hope so! I need a serious Disney fix!



  1. Why don’t you come with me in July! Or better yet, join me in September for the Trade Fair! I plan to go to the Trade Fair, stay at CSR for 4 nights rent a car and fly all for less than $1000!!! Can’t beat that–or maybe you can! Entrance to the Trade Fair is just $25 and gets us admission to SeaWorld, US, WDW and more, not to mention the great seminars we can attend to aid us in selling more travel!! Come on, ya know you want to join me! lol!

    • I can’t go in September! Riley’s back in school! Trying to do a WDW centered August trip with just the kiddos. When in July are you going?

  2. I can not WAIT WAIT WAIT for yall to get down here! !I wanna hug Riley to pieces!!!!!

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