Posted by: Lea | May 17, 2010

Starting Week 3 on Week 5?!?

I’m ashamed to say it. I’m not proud. But it’s true. I slacked. I was a bum. I didn’t run for over 2 weeks. So today I FINALLY started Week 3. But I think I’m actually on Week 5 and maybe even 6 of the Couch to 5K program. Today’s schedule was to run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes and repeat. I AM proud to say that I did it, and I didn’t cheat! I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to run for 3 whole minutes so needless to say, I was surprised! And proud! I thought for sure I would go flying off the treadmill today. Of course, my legs are sore already so I have a feeling tomorrow I’ll be regretting taking those 2 weeks off! And my only excuse for taking that time off was life got in the way: birthday party, in-laws, work, soccer games, etc!

I’m 137 days away from the 5K at Walt Disney World. I’m feeling excited and ready to take on the Magic Kingdom. Even fewer days until I’m with the Lush Crew and my Snarky Tiara Queens (you know who you are). Plans are being made and confirmed. Jen has our Advanced Dining Reservations. We know which park on what day. So now, all I need to do is make it through the next 6 weeks of this program!


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