Posted by: Lea | August 3, 2010

84 Hours and Counting…

For anyone planning a vacation, you know it takes FOREVER to finally get here and then goes by so fast you really don’t believe you were really there at all. Well, time is slooooowly dragging on as I plan for my next Walt Disney World Trip- I leave in 84 hours, give or take. And I am excited. I am almost packed. I have all of my reservations. My plans are made. Now I just need Friday morning to get here.

Packing for Walt Disney World always stresses me out. I plan and plan for the two kids and me, and without fail I forget something. Last time I went to Disney, I forgot socks. In February. And for anyone else who may do that in the future, womens’ socks are not easily found in the Walt Disney World Resort. I found mens’ socks, childrens’ socks. So I was stuck buying a couple of $15 pairs of fuzzie socks (that were way to thick for my shoes). Anyways, besides the point…I ALWAYS forget something.

So I need some help from YOU! Please comment and give me some help on things I need to remember to pack- for me, my 8-year old daughter, and my 4-year old son!

In return, I will promise to do a trip report full of pictures for you!



  1. dont forget to bring an extra bag to take home all the hugs from this weekend 🙂 😛

    • And I so can’t wait to get those hugs!

  2. Don’t forget ponchos, sunscreen, game chargers, autograph pens, and I will keep thinking!

  3. Here are some things I always try to remember to bring – suntan lotion, hand santizer, lip balm, band-aids (for the eventual blister), and aspirin.

  4. Don’t forget chargers for your phone/camera and a couple of Sharpies for autographs. Wide-brimmed hats are helpful to help fight the heat. Bandaids in different sizes and shapes come in handy. Have a ball on your trip!

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