Posted by: Lea | August 25, 2010

Day 2 of Our Epic August WDW Trip!

After a great arrival day at Walt Disney World, we woke up early Saturday morning to Mickey and Stitch’s wake-up call (truth be told, I was actually up much earlier because I was too excited to sleep). I knew that this day was going to be one to remember, and it did not disappoint! Waking up to our view that we had at Wilderness Lodge was fantastic. I could look right out the window and see the most magical view- Cinderella’s Castle. I would be seeing it again up close that night, but we had a lot of other things to do first! 

Arriving at Epcot!

The kids and I went down to the Roaring Fork to get breakfast while my mom got ready. She tends to take FOREVER to get herself ready and out the door so we decided to give her some extra time. The kids went straight for the kid’s pancake meal, and I had a field day with the pick-your-toppings yogurt parfait. After we devoured our yummy breakfast, we headed out to catch the bus to my second favorite park, Epcot! 

We arrived at Epcot after opening (which was OK, I told myself, since this was a “relaxed trip”), and we headed straight to Soarin’! The stand-by wait for 35 minutes so after determining that Jack was too short, even after I “adjusted” his tennis shoes, we got the child swap pass, and Riley and I headed to the stand-by line while my mom and Jack went to ride one of his favorites, Living with the Land. Riley had a brief meltdown over the fact that her brother would get to ride Living with the Land more than she would. She wanted him to sit on the bench at the end of the ride and not do anything that she couldn’t do. I had to remind her that she got to ride Soarin’ twice, and making him sit and wait was just not fair. After a few tears (and I’m not going to lie, threats), she was good to go.  She rode it with me, and then rode it again with Grandma. This was my mom’s one request for the whole trip. She just loves this ride! 

The Kids in their Clam

After we rode Living with the Land one more time with Riley, we headed over to go ride Nemo! The kids love that one because we let them go in one clamshell together.  They thought they were pretty cool. After we left the Nemo ride, we made our obligatory stop at the gift shop (which was a theme with Jack) to look for more Disney Racers, I received a great phone call! It was Chris (@chris_toffer), and they were in the building! I got to see Shaene (@shaene_o_mite), Jim (@jimgarth) and Rora (@roraboriealice) again, and I finally got to meet Chris, Jillian (@jl_davis) and Jo (@mumsieinflorida)! 

Riley and Rora

Riley was thrilled to meet Rora because she’s heard so much about her. Rora gave her a big hug, and that was it! Riley had a new best friend. We all went to Club Cool, and Riley stayed with Rora and tried her drinks (favorite drink was the Ginger Ale from Germany). We headed into World Showcase to go to Mexico. They stayed with us while Mom and I had our lunch (the quesadillas were AMAZING). Then we headed inside the pavilion to go ride the Grand Fiesta ride (made us all think of Don @wdccduckman). We had enough people to warrant our own boat, and Riley had so much fun sitting with Rora. They are all such amazing people and absolutely wonderful with kids. 

After that, the others went on to do the country crawl, while Mom, me and the kids went to go ride Spaceship Earth, 

Mom and me on Spaceship Earth

 which the kids absolutely love. We headed out after that to go back to Wilderness Lodge to rest because we had big plans for the night! We got in about an hour-long rest before we caught the boat to go back to the Magic Kingdom. We headed straight to Casey’s, where there were some people waiting for us. I had been looking forward to this night for so long! We immediately saw the others from earlier (and Rob, @robw66) in the day along with one of my best Twitter friends, Jen (@dizneydreamer). Jen and I had talked many times both through Twitter, Facebook, 

The Guys

 email and phone,  but this was the first time I actually got to meet her. I was very excited to finally get to spend some time with her. We also got to meet her husband, Mike (@sparegeek), her son Matt (#minimoronmatty), John (@disneyworlds), Scott (collecTM) and his wonderful wife Peggi, JL (@ndm_1) and her husband and kids, and last but not least Nicole (njoysiscaretti). I got to visit with Maria 

The Girls

(@heavensent30) again and meet her boyfriend, Brent (@the4orce22). We had a blast chatting and getting to know each other, although I feel like I knew everyone already. It was more like a big group of reunited friends. 

Best. Picture. Ever.

Jack with his buddy Shaene

From Casey’s, we headed onto Main Street, where we decided to all get our picture taken in front of the castle- all 31 of us. We got many looks as we all tried to squeeze in to fit in the picture and as the Disney Photopass photographer took about 15 shots from our cameras. We got some dirty looks from those waiting to get their picture taken, but in all fairness, they knew what they were in for when they saw all of us and are kids start lining up! We were off to ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin after that. I rode with Jen, and I have to say I did pretty good (for me). We got stuck in the room where I knew a secret target, thanks to @amandatinney so I was able to increase my score! 

After that, we headed to the People Mover again. Jack had befriended Shaene at this point, and he had ridden around the park on Shaene’s shoulders most of the night, so he rode with Jack, Mom and me. Riley became fast friends with 

Riley, Jo, and Chris doing the chicken dance

Brent’s daughter, so they rode further up. We didn’t see her most of the night as she fit in fast with everyone. By this point, we finally caught up with Debbie (@dcanoli) so our party was complete. And we couldn’t pass the character dance party with Chip and Dale, Stitch and Pluto. We did a hula hoop race and the chicken dance and had a great time!Then we went to Carousel of Progress, which was an experience in itself. The whole group sang along even as some people (who shall remain nameless) got in trouble for using their cell phones during the show. It was a lot of fun. 

It was time to head to the event of the night- the Wishes Dessert Party (well, I think it was actually called the Fireworks 

Nicole, me and Chris

Dessert Party but whatever). We said goodbye to those who couldn’t come, and we headed in to gorge ourselves on dessert (this was after my mom and Jack got lost in yes, 

Me and Jen

 another, store looking for Disney Racers). The display seemed endless- cheesecake, creme brulee, brownies, cookies, fruits, tarts, and more. It was delicious. It was a great time, and I enjoyed getting to socialize with everyone before the fireworks started. Mumsie (Jo) gave Riley a beautiful tiara to wear, and she enjoyed getting to play photographer with my camera for the night. Jack wasn’t too impressed. He fell asleep in his stroller before the fireworks even started- and he was butt up for most of the show. The Summernightastic fireworks were stunning and moving, and the view was fantastic. I really couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a great day. 

My lucky shot

After the fireworks, we said our goodbyes (we knew we would see most everyone the next night) and made our way back to the boat back to Wilderness Lodge. It took forever for the boat to get there, and of course, we were holding a sleeping 4-year old, who was no light weight. It finally arrived, and we squeezed on and headed “home”. We made it to our room and collapsed, thoroughly exhausted after a fantastic day.



  1. Such an amazing day with SUCH amazing people!!!!!! Hugs to #RileyBoo and #JustJack !!!!!

  2. wow that pic came out fantastic! Miss ya already! What an amazing first meet we had. x0x0

  3. What a fun trip! I am so excited that you got to meet so many twitter friends during your trip!

  4. It was an amazing day!!!! and I LOVE our group picture and your lucky fireworks shot 🙂 Can’t wait for Oct!

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