Posted by: Lea | October 7, 2010

#EpicOctober2010 Was…Well, EPIC!!

What a weekend…When #epicoctober2010 was named, we had no idea it would turn out the way that it did. What an absolutely, fantastic, amazing, magical weekend.

Mary, Amanda, Me, Don, Charles, Nessa, Rick and Amanda

When I signed up for the Halloween 5K Race back in March, I had no idea it would turn into what it did. Over the past 6 months, it grew and grew. And grew some more. It seemed like each day we learned someone else would be coming to

Cade, Nicole, Amanda, Mary, Rora, Don, Ryan, Jen, Me, Mumsie

Walt Disney World during this weekend.We landed Thursday afternoon, and immediately headed to Old Key West (a new resort for us). We met Jen (@dizneydreamer) who was rooming with us for the 1st night we were there, and then we were off to Downtown Disney to meet up with some friends (well, family) for dinner at Paradiso 37 and some shopping at D Street (had to get my Vinyls).  I was so excited to see everyone, and we had an amazing dinner!

First thing Friday morning, the Old Key West crew met up in Don and Mary’s (@wdccduckman and @tink302) for some coffee (well, water for me) before we headed to Olivia’s to meet up with even MORE people for breakfast. It was great to meet Dennis (@oakmanner) and Chrissy (@dizny1). Then we were all off to Epcot! Ryan and I went to ride Soarin’ and Living with the Land, which made us miss our 4-year old son, who LOVES this ride. Then we had a nice lunch at Le Cellier. After lunch, we met up with everyone and headed to get our 5K Race Packets! After our packets, we went back to Epcot and ate at Biergarten, where I learned I would never look at potato dumplings the

Jim Garth eating his potato dumplings

 same again (thanks to @jimgarth).

Shaene, Me, Jillian, Lynne, Amanda, Debbie, Dean and Don

We were up bright (well, dark) and early on Saturday morning for the 5K. We met up with Don, Mary, Amanda (@alh1009), Charles (@charlesaguillon), Nessa (@nessaaguillon), and Dean (@disneydean) and headed to the Ticket and Transportation Center. After a short detour where we got to see an up close view of Space Mountain, we arrived! What an adrenaline rush! It was amazing seeing all those people lined up and waiting! We ran into so many people that we knew and got to meet so many more wonderful people! We waited for an hour, and then we were off! Shaene (@shaene_o_mite) and I did great til we got to the front and saw Mickey and Minnie so we had to stop to take pictures. We lost some of our group so we stuck together! As we got closer to Magic Kingdom, we caught up with several people, which we again lost once we discovered we could get our picture taken with Chip and Dale! We caught up with Don, who became our 3rd partner! Along the way, we saw Pirate Goofy, Woody, Villains, Buzz, a grave digger and more! What a rush it was running (and yes, I did run at times) through the Magic Kingdom. While my time wasn’t what I intended when I signed up (what can I say- I get distracted easily), I was so happy to finish the race. It was truly the time of my life. And once I crossed the finish line, I learned that my husband had finished the race in 29 minutes. I am so proud of how great he did!


Shaene and Me with Chip and Dale

Later that day, we headed over to Epcot for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel Meet. It was amazing to finally be able to meet so many wonderful Moms Panelists, among others. I was especially excited to meet Margaret (@mefries) and Allison (@mamadis). Then off to a very BIG dinner at Ohana, where Shaene surprised the group with a delicious Epic October cake! Then off to the Wishes Dessert Party and then to the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Finish Line Party, where we got to cheer on Nicole (@njoysiscaretti) as she blew through the finish line. We were all so proud of her! By then, we had been up for 20 hours, so we were off to bed!

Rob, Jenn, Me, Ryan, Jen, Tracey and Jim

Sunday, we spent the day at Magic Kingdom, where the lines were next to nothing. We had a blast! Sunday night, we were all dressed up and off to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, a first for me. My highlight of the night was getting my picture taken with all 7 dwarves! And by the way, we rocked the stretching room of the Haunted Mansion!Come Monday morning, we woke up and went to get TONGA TOAST at Ohana. Then it was time to say goodbye to all of the simply AMAZING people that I had spent the past 5 days with. It broke my heart to say goodbye to these fantastic people. I am not sure what I did to get this lucky, but I am so thankful to have these people in my life. I know that it wasn’t really a goodbye, it was a SEE YA REAL SOON!


  • Time alone with my hubby!
  • Seeing Jen again!
  • Getting to be with my #peas (love you Rora (@roraboriealice) and Jen)!
  • Jim on Pirates!
  • Spending time with Don, Mary, Amanda, Jim, Tracey, Nicole, Charles, Nessa, Shaene, Chris, John and more!
  • Meeting Dean and Frank (@disneyfrankness)!
  • Meeting Lou Mongello!
  • The 5K Fun Run with Shaene and Don- thanks Shaene for all the entertainment!
  • Run for the photographers!
  • Magic Kingdom on Sunday (thank you Ryan, Jen, Jim, Tracey (@dizcraze), Rob (@rwhitneyjr), Jen (@jwhitney78),  Steve (@shaggysteve), Shania and Savannah for an absolutely amazing time)!
  • Getting my picture taken with all SEVEN DWARVES!!!
  • Running through Magic Kingdom!
  • Seeing Allison (@wdwfan) and finally meeting Tim (@therealtimjones)!
  • Realizing how SPECIAL it is to have found such AMAZING people to have as friends!


  1. Love You #pea !!!!! There will be many times like this to come!!!!! xoxox

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