Posted by: Lea | October 14, 2010

Third Time WAS NOT a Charm: I’m Naming Names!

Well, it’s official. Once again, I DID NOT advance to Round 2 of the application process for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. I got my thanks, but no thanks email today, and that’s OK. Truth be told, I’m not too upset for myself. It was a long shot anyway. And I would much rather continue to help people plan and book their Disney vacations anyway. What I’m having a hard time with are the people who DIDN’T advance who should have. And yes, I’m naming names. I don’t want to take anything away from the people who did advance, many of whom I don’t even know. I’m sure they will all be excellent additions to the Moms Panel.  But I do want to honor those who I think would have made a stellar addition to the Moms Panel. And there are so many so I’m sorry if I didn’t include you, but I only have so much room and there were so many excellent choices. So here we go:

  • Jennifer (@dizneydreamer)- Jen is a true Disney aficionado. She and her family travel there several times a year, and I have been privileged to be there with her twice already this year. She is an excellent writer and would have been one of the best panelists Disney has ever seen. She’s one of the forces behind Disney Dream Depot (, and you can not ask for a better friend (which may or may not be part of the Moms Panel, but I want to say it nonetheless).
  • Jim (@jimgarth)- Jim made it to the 2nd round in the past so obviously he has done something right. He has a true love of all things Disney, and he and his wonderful family are as big of Disney fans as you can get. He is also a member of Disney Dream Depot, and his enthusiasm for helping others plan their Disney trips is unrivaled. And he loves spreadsheets- which is pretty cool with me.
  • Shaene (@shaene_o_mite)- Shaene is also a member of Disney Dream Depot, and his experiences at Walt Disney World are unlike most. He got married at WDW, he has traveled there solo, with his wife, and with a large group of teens in need of a father-like figure. He can speak about Disney like no other. He deserves to be there. Period.
  • Shari (@sharij)- Shari is a loving, wonderful woman who would proudly serve on the Moms Panel. She is a huge Disney fan, and she works very hard to make Disney vacations wonderful for all involved.
  • Traci (@tracileigh)- Traci is another one who has made the 2nd round in the past. Her writing is amazing, and she is known to cry at Wishes. And Illuminations. And Fantasmic. Which shows her true love of Disney. I know she is disappointed beyond belief about the outcome this year, but I truly believe her time will come.
  • Rob (@rwhitneyjr)- Rob is a smart, smart man who would be able to bring so much to the Panel. His knowledge of Disney Vacation Club and the Disney Resorts in phenomenal. His dedication would have been a true asset.
  • Debbie (@dcanoli)- Debbie is so enthusiastic about Disney. There is no doubt in my mind that this enthusiasm would have carried over to future Disney guests. She travels to Disney several times a year, and she knows how to navigate the Disney systems. She is also a Disney Dream Depot member. Big loss for Disney.
  • Mike (@sparegeek)- Mike is one of the other forces behind Disney Dream Depot. He is a wealth of Disney knowledge, and his Disney experiences would have served the Panel extremely well. He always knows what’s going on at Disney and he makes being a Disney Dream Depot member very easy!
  • Lynne (@lynne_from_texas)- Lynne is a wonderful Dream Depot member who knows all there is to know about Walt Disney World and Disneyland. She has traveled there many times, and her passion for Disney is obvious to anyone who meets her.
  • Megan (@mouserrificmom)- Megan is amazing. After not advancing last year, she started the Disney Dream Depot to bring together other moms and dads who did not advance throughout the process either. This group helps answer questions on Disney trips and holds weekly chats on vasrious Disney topics. She should be there. No question.

And again, I know this is not everyone who deserved to be on the Moms Panel. They’re just some that stand out to me, as I am friends with them, and I know how truly wonderful they would be. I’m not sure what criteria Disney was looking for this year, but I know they missed a great opportunity.



  1. They also missed a great person in not choosing you!
    This is a great post- and I love that you named names 🙂

  2. Everyone on the list is amazing– except that Rob guy. He sucks!

  3. Missed a WHOLE bunch of people that they are silly to have missed!!!!!!!

  4. Excellent blog post, Lea! Really glad you highlighted some of the awesome folks who were not selected. They would have all been amazing.

  5. Seriously, they missed YOU too! You so would have done them proud. You’re an amazing person!!!

  6. I love your post, Lea. I am writing for The Disney Driven Life and I wrote a similar article a few weeks back. I did not notice the DDL on the list of blogs you follow, so you may not have seen it. I am including the link to the article below. I look forward to chatting further…

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