Posted by: Lea | February 10, 2011

My Name is Lea, and I am a Vinylmation Addict…

Whew. There I said it. I am a Vinylmation addict. Feels good to finally admit it. And I know it will make some who have jokingly (?) discussed having an intervention on my behalf feel better that I can admit it.

So some of you may be asking “What on Earth is a Vinylmation?”. Well, I can say they are one of the cutest little things around. Disney created these little figures in 2009. They are vinyl (duh) figures that come in 3 inches or 9 inches and are all shaped like our favorite little mouse, Mickey Mouse. Artists add their own flair to the figures. Disney releases them in series (examples: Star Wars, Park Series, Cutesters, Nerds Rock, Toy Story, Urban, Villains, Animation- the list truly goes on).

A few from the Villains collection

What is so exciting about these little guys? Well, first off is the thrill of the chase. With most series, you don’t know which one from the series you are getting. So there is a mystery in opening the box. This in turn has kicked off a new Disney trend- Vinylmation trading. People trade online or at Walt Disney World or Disneyland stores with open or closed box trades. There’s also the thrill of getting the chaser in a blind series. The chaser is a mystery release that isn’t announced until the day the new series is released. There is only one per case of 24 vinyls so it’s more rare than others. And people will pay quite a bit to get the chaser. Vinyls are also just so dang cute- they appeal to kids as well as grown-ups and make excellent mementos of a trip. Or just of a Tuesday doing some online shopping at

I started collecting them right after they came out. I now have over 135 3-inch figures and 9 9-inch figures. They are slowly taking over my upstairs Disney room. Am I about to stop? Wish I could. But every day, I find myself looking to see what series is coming out next- will it be released just at D-Street, in the parks, online or a combo. I have many discussions with other Vinylmation addicts (and you know who you are) about which ones they have, which ones they want, what they have to trade and what series they like the most. I research eBay to see if there are any good deals on vinyls that I don’t have. It’s all a tad bit sad, really, but I must say, I love it.

So as I get ready to embark on another Walt Disney World trip in a few weeks, I have a list ready of what vinyls I need. I am planning on going to D-Street to add to my collection and trade my duplicates. And I know for a fact, my kids won’t let me home without the ones they are looking for.

So, yes, I am an addict. I have an enabler and a dealer, who both live in Florida and who I love dearly (and you, as well, know who you are). Do I want to get better? No, not really…

Some of my collection



  1. Dr. Phil is coming to DStreet with you!!!!!!!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris L and Chris L, Lea . Lea said: New Blog Post… My Name is Lea, and I am a Vinylmation Addict…: […]

  3. I love being your enabler/dealer 😉 ps new cutesters out tomorrow LOL

    • See, Jillian, you’re trouble I tell you! LOL! See you soon!

  4. Nice article! We all need a Vinyl Addicts club 🙂

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