Posted by: Lea | October 1, 2012

Saving Man’s Best Friend

As many of you know, this past weekend, I lost my puppy, Perry, on his first birthday. Perry passed away after his second abdominal surgery after he ingested pieces of rope from a rope toy marketed for dogs at Petsmart. Needless to say, I am heartbroken. Something I brought into the house ultimately caused him to lose his life. Perry was such a huge part of our family. There is an enormous hole in my life today.

I don’t want to go into the medical details of what happened to Perry. It isn’t pretty. But the poor little guy had a horrible past three weeks. The only thing that made any of this any easier (besides a wonderful family) is an amazing vet, who is just as saddened today as we are. My goal is to get these unsafe products off of the shelves and out of our homes. If I can save one dog and spare one family this pain, then I did my job.

I want to write to tell you how wonderful Perry was. But I’m not ready yet. I am writing to tell you that I now have a new mission- to save dogs and puppies from this painful death. So here it is…I am going to research and find other stories like this. I am going to talk to the Petsmart store manager about getting these products off of the shelf. I am going to consumer groups and anywhere else that I can to make sure that NO ONE ever has to go through the pain, the guilt and the loss that I am sitting here with today.

I will be creating a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on this endeavor, and I will continue to blog about it as well. Please follow this page and this blog. And make sure your friends and families know about this horrible danger for their pets. And thank you in advance for your support and for all of the prayers, kind thoughts and messages about Perry. He truly was a remarkable dog who was taken way before his time. Image


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